In Search of a Cyclops

the proof of  N O T H I N G — a theory of everything
by Fred-Rick Schermer


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The bird that understood
n o t h i n g ! ! !







...a book in the spirit of Steven Weinberg's
Dreams of a Final Theory
Dr. Hossein Arsham — University of Baltimore

This delivery "opened a new window for me to peer through."
Steven Winn — San Francisco Chronicle

"Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing."
Victor Hugo



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In Search of a Cyclops delivers information of which others only dare to dream. This book is the first book to truly present you nothing. And if you think that that's an awfully good joke, start reading because only then will you realize that the nothing described in this book is nothing less than the keyhole through which you can peek to finally see everything.

It was Albert Einstein, the great twentieth century scientist, who said that — once the final scheme of the universe was known — it would be possible for a three year old to understand what rules the universe. That statement could not have been more on the mark of what you are about to read in In Search of a Cyclops. And given that it is true that three year olds can understand such theory of everything, then how come the smartest and the brightest of our scientists haven't been able to come up with a simple explanation? They must be missing something vital that at the same time is so simple it eludes them.

Stephen Hawking mentioned that a theory of everything might be something North of the North Pole, and we will be unable to deliver it. It is interesting that both Einstein and Hawking seem to know intuitively where the answer lies — they hit the nail right on — but they are nevertheless unable to formulate it better. When looking for a final theory shouldn't North be part of the theory? Of course it should. Unless you are caught in an idea that makes you desperately search for a Cyclops.

Too bad of course that nothing is so easily ignored. Many people do not give a second thought to the importance of nothing, and unfortunately many (but not all) scientists are like the rest of us in this respect. In reality, nothing plays significant roles in our lives and should be considered vital by all working in a scientific field. Because, doesn't music have an abundance of breaks? And how about digital language, as used in computers? Half of it is written with zeroes. Nothing was there all along, but we tend to shy away from its importance. In this light it may not come as a surprise that young children cannot grasp the concept of nothing before their third year.

We do not think much of nothing and it is easily forgotten. If you were asked to create a list of everything, would you put nothing on that list? Good chance you wouldn't think of it or give it any significance. But when you had to create a list of numbers only, there would be a good chance you'd put zero on there, wouldn't you? Unless we are faced with the importance of nothing we usually quickly relegate it to the side line.

It is not only important to understand what we are looking for, equally important is to understand how that we look. In this book the known information of the Big Bang is used to show that a different second scientific view is as possible about the exact beginning of creation as the currently most popular version — by adding a fundamental nothing. And you may be surprised to read about delivering a unified field of forces that includes a prominent spot for nothing, while a handy model in the shape of a pyramid aids in displaying that definitive delivery. And were you under the impression that 3D is thé spatial tool for capturing all? Then think again. But unlike what may be popular right now, this theory of everything doesn't need 10 or 11 dimensions. And last, in some ways least, you will be forced to review in what structures you think and have to retool your brain. Do you believe, for instance, in a single god? Then reading this book will help clarify the structures of your thinking.

How to create a scientific everything? Should the delivery be done in the abstract with just the scientific data? Most people need more than just the abstract and In Search of a Cyclops delivers more than the abstract with easy to read examples. Nevertheless, many readers will only be won over by first and foremost scientifically delivering the evidence that nothing is really always there; so it is included in this book. Simple fourth grade math delivers the bedrock for a book that is scientific, philosophical and a little mind-blowing all together. It is simple, it has complex implications, and it delivers you an understanding of the overall picture. And that is not all: you will be able to make sense how it is possible that you are here yourself. Read the sponsored first two chapters for free on-line.

Yes, you can read the conclusion here, because for some of us knowing the conclusion beforehand helps us understand a delivery more quickly.




C y c l o p s   S y n o p s i s

Read "In Search of a Cyclops" online. Or get a copy of "In Search of a Cyclops - the Proof of Nothing" to read at your own leisure. The fascinating implications of a fundamental nothing will amaze you.

Also, learn about the simple rules that govern the sequencing of all prime numbers. Give yourself the thrill that comes with the challenge to understand nothing's place and, through this fascinating phenomenon, get a clear view on everything.

Imagine, finally understanding the concept that exists behind the famous pyramids.




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